Normal BMI Improves Immune System Function

Inflammation and body composition are INTERTWINED, y’all!

If we know anything about overall, body-wide inflammation, we know it SUCKS. But beyond it making people feel like utter garbage, it makes people have an increased risk of dying from illnesses, allergic reactions, and metabolic diseases. To add insult to injury, literally, inflammation has links to depression, anxiety, and other mood disfunction/disturbance. 

We don’t understand everything that causes inflammation but we do know that maintaining a healthy body fat percentage (body composition) can really help a LOT with inflammation. 

Caloric restriction improves the cells’ ability to make excellent mitochondria, which as we know, is the powerhouse of the cell. This is done through nerdy stuff like AMPK and PGC-1a activation. Cells can survive way better and make more energy with good mitochondria. This can be done with a simple reduction in caloric intake, regardless of food choice! Crazy right? Bodies are so cool. 

Reducing body fat actually changes gene expression in the mRNA profile of cytokines (the things that can go buck wild and kill people aka cytokine storm, which is something we have seen in certain viral illnesses). Weight loss reduces the amount of inflammatory markers in the blood plasma because of metabolic adaptation. 

tl;dr: normalized BMI range = improved immune system.


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