lose weight with walking

Lose weight with walking! 

Last time, we talked about how to get out of the sedentary lifestyle that many of us can fall into so easily. Now, let’s talk about walking for weight control. 

Adding a brisk 30 minute walk daily can help burn 150 extra calories! We know that nutrition is the biggest factor in weight loss, but there’s definitely something to be said about how movement and burning extra calories can help with the equation. 

We hear people say that they don’t believe “calories-in-calories-out” is of any importance. But it is, for so many reasons. One big one is that caloric restriction itself helps with disease prevention. But it does also improve body composition, especially when those calories are from excellent food sources.

Walking doesn’t just burn a few calories either. It also increases circulation and lymph flow, which helps with brain health, joint health, cardio health, and mental health! 

So let’s move it! We can do it. Walk it out…

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