Knees hurt? Walk.

Knees hurt? WALK IT OUT! 

Knee pain and dysfunction from osteoarthritis affects nearly half of all people, with obese persons being most at risk. Exercise is obviously important for everyone, but when done poorly or unsafely, it can make joint symptoms WORSE.

A 2018 study showed that after a 12 week low-impact walking exercise program significantly improved function and quality of life, as well as increased activities of daily living. Pain scores improved, thigh muscle mass increased, and acute knee pain with full load weight bearing was diminished significantly. 

What this means for those with obesity and difficulty with knee pain is that, with a doctor’s guidance, it’s a great idea to start on some movement! 

Not everyone will be able to walk straight away, and the study participants were supported to lessen the load of their bodyweight. So, starting with a stationary bike, water aerobics, or something similar could be a great way to start!


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