Naturopathic and Functional Neurology

What continues to do its job after it’s fired?

A neuron… 🙃

Here are some natural ways to improve brain health and longevity:

🐝Make strong social connections: join a club or take a class at a community center because social stimulation is shown to reduce the risk of dementia.

🧩Get mental stimulation: read, do puzzles, play brain games, creatively write, learn a language, do math problems.

🛹Get physical exercise: new brain cells, neuronal connections, and improved brain circulation come from getting regular body movement and breaking a sweat.

🥑Improve diet: replacing processed foods with local, whole, high-nutrient, organic foods results in healthier brain function (more on this in a future post)

🍗Improve blood sugar: diabetes and prediabetes increase the risk of dementia, which is being referred to as type 3 diabetes.

🚭Avoid poison: sounds obvious but tobacco and alcohol are terrible for the brain because they damage the delicate tissues needed for proper function and longevity.

🙉Protect the dome: try not to get knocked in the skull (talking to the martial artists out there…)

If naturopathic neurology is right for you, there are some amazing resources available. We can work with you to get you referred to the best provider to work with your particular case.

Call 503-298-4104 or go to to make an appointment with Dr. O’Connell

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