The Road Ahead

photo by John Towner

I completed NMD school, passed my boards, and the license is coming. Full stop.

I’m pausing to reflect. I’m really excited because there’s so much potential for the future. I have to say that I’m at a point that I wasn’t expecting. Not the part where I got all this accomplished, but the point I’m at where I’m not rushing into things. I haven’t found the place I will practice yet, nor have I heard back about residency, nor have I been building my “brand” or whatever the business people said to do. I just want to be honestly me.

Of course I’m still doing work and I’m working toward my career and livelihood, but I’m not stressing about it. God is in control. Besides, I did so much stressing for 4 years and it’s time to take a minute and calculate everything. I’m really grateful for this time; not everyone gets to do this.

There’s no great lesson in this post. Just a mark in time where I’m thinking and sharing some of the thoughts.

Thanks for whatever role you play.

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