keto toasty pretzel rolls [omg]

When I worked as a barista at Seattle’s Best Coffee inside Borders bookstore at South Coast Plaza, we used to sell these hot, soft pretzels that were mind-alteringly delicious. Toasty, crusty outside… soft, squishy inside… mmmmmm… cheese… savory spices… In my history of eating ketogenically, I’ve never come across a recipe that I was satisfied … More keto toasty pretzel rolls [omg]

grain-free chocolate chip cookies [with vegan variation]

Everyone has been asking me for this recipe and I totally understand why! These cookies are so tasty and soft. They can be enjoyed by a few special populations (grain-free, vegan, dairy-free, lower-carb), but even people without any dietary restrictions LOVE them! I’ve included a couple variations with this recipe, including the much-awaited chocolate  Reese’s … More grain-free chocolate chip cookies [with vegan variation]