Chiropractic care at MediPro

What made Quasimodo think he needed to see a chiropractor? 

Nothin’ specific… he just had a hunch.


Rrrriiiiight— so… back pain, amirite?

MediPro has an amazing team to help with back pain, neck pain, joint pain, functional pain, comprehensive pain, whiplash, sports injuries, and more! 

Dr. Tony Tran practices chiropractic & sports rehab to help diagnose and treat pain whether from an accident or injury, through repetitive use, moving or sleeping incorrectly, or general degradation that happens with aging.

I personally love working alongside Dr. Tran and I send him all my joint/musculoskeletal injection patients so that they can get on the road to recovery with a specialized functional movement plan, making the most out of their injections.

Call to schedule with Dr. Tran 503-828-9265

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