Meet the team: Dr. Tran!

Meet Dr. Tony Tran!

Dr. Tran is as serious about getting patients out of pain and back to sports and daily activities as he is fun and a pleasure to work with! 

I send every single one of my joint injection patients to him to start the real deep work of retraining functional movements. He’s not just a wack-em-crack-em kind of DC. He takes the time to work with each person in the best way possible!

We both refer for PT to @benchmarkphysicaltherapy for continuing care so that all the patient’s hard work will stick and become a new lifestyle of freedom of movement!

Tony Tran, DC, MSc

🍁Chiropractic Care 

🍁Rehab & Sports Medicine (CCSP) (ACBSP)

🍁Motor Vehicle Crash & Whiplash Care

Call to schedule 503-828-9265

Follow @prolificwellness & @mediproholistic — link in bio!

Follow @benchmarkphysicaltherapy too!

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