Meet the team: Stevie!

Meet our nutritionist, Stevie Chaddock!

I mean, first off, a woman after my own keto-lovin’ heart!! Stevie and I work closely to help our mutual patients get started on the right food… oops! did I say food? I meant the right FOOT to their sustainable nutritional goals! 

She doesn’t just help me with my weight loss patients, but she also helps people find the best dietary lifestyle for them as individuals. Because we all have such different microbiomes and life experiences, it’s not always easy to make healthy changes. But she makes it more enjoyable. 

Stevie Chaddock, MScN

🌊Personalized Nutrition Therapy

🌊Gastrointestinal Dietary Management

🌊Autoimmune & Inflammation Support

🌊Nutritional Hormone Balancing

Call to schedule 503-828-9265

Follow @mediproholistic — link in bio!

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