Meet the team: Dr. Gannaway!

Meet Dr. Emily Gannaway!

This ND has been so kind and wonderful to work with. She always shares with me tips and tools to be the best doc I can be! 

Her loving and gentle energy is brought to each and every patient with whom she works from naturopathic care to women’s health and pelvic care as well as TCM. She has a unique skillset with shockwave therapy that aids in healing and pain relief for a wide variety of soft tissue problems. 

Emily Gannaway, ND, LAc

🌈Naturopathic Care

🌈Women’s Health

🌈Holistic Pelvic Care

🌈Acupuncture (MSOM)

🌈Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

Call to schedule 503-828-9265

Follow @dr.emilygannaway & @mediproholistic — links in bios!

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