IV Therapy at MediPro

IV therapy provides direct nutrient support with higher bioavailability than oral supplements. We utilize the best available compounded nutrients, peptides and therapeutics, ensuring they are always the most bio-active form available.

Benefits include cellular hydration, energy improvement, pain reduction, anti-inflammatory action, and more. Individual variability is taken into consideration with clinical reasoning and evidence in order to create formulations to use and customize to fit the needs of each patient.

MediPro offers many options including:

🍎Performance and Hydration

🍊High dose nutrient cocktails

🍌Cellular energy enhancing NAD+

🥑Metabolic activator Methylene Blue

🫐Immune Boost

🍇Antioxidant and Detoxification

🍉And more!

Maximize benefits by combining IV therapies with injections for pain, nausea, and detoxification, as well as specialized oral supplements and peptides.

We believe in treating the entire person and ensuring our treatment recommendations are individualized, thorough, and complete.

Call to schedule 503-828-9265

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Link to article from HealthLine about IV therapy

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