New Steez

I’ve got a bunch of ideas! I’m really inspired and I’m revamping my online presence while I build my practice, Warrior Doc at MediPro Holistic Health in Beaverton, Oregon.

Before I get into the mushy stuff, please go check out my YouTube channel, which I’ll be adding to regularly, my Facebook page, and do all the like/subscribe/share/comment stuff you can do! It seems like it’s no big deal to do those things but it really helps me get my message out and help more humans get their lives back from pain and injury.

Lots of ideas for videos catering to my favorite group of people: martial artists. As you may know if you’ve followed me for any length of time, I’ve trained Brazilian Jiujitsu since 2013 and I’m currently working on some standing stuff like kickboxing and boxing. I see a lot of pain and dysfunction in my fighting family and I know how it feels so it’s impossible to me that we keep fighters of all skill levels doing what they do. Hey- mental health awareness is a big part of martial arts for me too and so if I can help someone keep coming to the gym or dojo to keep their mind right, then that’s even better.

10th Planet Phoenix AZ under black belt John Botello

The main thing is that I wanna kick ass! For my patients, for myself, for my clinic, for my profession- I want to be the best.

For my patients: let’s kick your pain in the face so it never comes back! Your body is capable of healing from injury and we can push it in that direction with regenerative therapies like prolotherapy, PRP, and A2M using the latest technology and image guidance to get the most accurate placement.

Ultrasound guided knee injection at MediPro

For myself: I compete with myself from yesterday to be a better me tomorrow. When I press on to be victorious I do it for me, not for approval, and not for self-worth. My self worth is in my identity in Christ, which I am not ashamed of. I want to fulfill my earthly dreams in order to serve others with love and compassion as I am called to do.

For my clinic: MediPro has given me a venue to help people and I want to put my best work into it because they believe in me. What a gift to have such an amazing group of people under one roof and I get to be counted among them. MediPro is a powerhouse of dedicated healers and professionals who make our community extremely special.

For my profession: naturopathic medicine has a burgeoning field within it often referred to as regenerative medicine or regenerative injection therapy or even orthobiologic medicine. This is the field I chose years ago because it really spoke to me as a way to help people with pain and dysfunction at the root cause level. I want to bring the best practices and finest work to this specialty so that we are the premier profession of regenerative medicine. It’s in our core values- treat the cause.

If any of this speaks to you, lemme know! If you’re in the Portland, Oregon area and you want to book an appointment with me you can do so on my website, on MediPro’s site, or by calling (503) 828-9265.

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